Parental Consent Medication

August 1, 2017

Dear Parent or Guardian:

To comply with Texas State Law, the following restrictions apply to the taking of medicine by students while at school:

  1. All medicine is to be brought to and kept in the school nurse’s office.

  2. Prescription and non-prescription medicine must be in the original container.  Prescription medicine must be in a container with the pharmacy label for that student.

  3. If a prescription or non-prescription medicine must be given during the school day, it must be accompanied by a note signed by a parent or guardian giving authorized school personnel directions for its administration (use Authorization/Parental Consent for Administering Medication form ).

  4. School personnel will not give any medicine, including Tylenol, unless it is provided by you, in the appropriate manner as stated above.

These restrictions are necessary for protection of the health and safety of your child.  We will appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Tina Parker 903 633 1510


School Nurse Phone number

* Please keep the attached form available for future use should your child need to take a medication during school hours.  

Medication Consent Form