School Safety & Security

2023-2024 EFISD Safety & Security Committee Application

At Elysian Fields ISD we consider the safety of our students and staff to be of the highest priority. Campus safety is of great importance to the Board of Trustees and our Administration. We have made upgrades to our buildings, added cameras and updated our policies and processes to ensure the safety and well-being of our students and staff. Elysian Fields ISD is proud of our partnership with local law enforcement agencies and area first responders.  We will continue to work together to provide protection and safety to Elysian Fields students, employees and facilities. Elysian Fields ISD provides regular training to its staff for emergency situations and practices drills to ensure our systems and plans work effectively should an emergency arise. Elysian Fields ISD is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for everyone.

*Important Note:  Please call 911 for emergencies that require immediate attention.*

Elysian Fields ISD has added more safety measures to our protocol and how we communicate in times of emergency or crisis by instituting the Standard Response Protocol.
Throughout the nation, thousands of schools have implemented this program created by the "I Love U Guys Foundation."  Our goal is to use a standard protocol across the campuses that ensures quick and safe communications with all emergency personnel in our area.  
We have regular drills and practice throughout the year to ensure everyone, students, staff, and all district employees, are familiar with the Standard Response Procedure (SRP).
The following is a quick guide to the actions and terminology implemented by the Standard Response Protocol (each of these are downloadable as a PDF): (This is attached below in English and Spanish) 

EF Safety & Security Policy
Standard Response Protocol
Standard Response Protocol (Spanish)