Safety & Security Committee

LogoTo fulfill its mission in ensuring the safety and security of all children and staff while attending school and work, Elysian Fields ISD has established a District Safety and Security Committee.

The Safety and Security Committee is established under the direction of Texas Education Code (TEC) 37.109. The District Safety and Security Committee will, in accordance with TEC 37.109:

● Participate on behalf of the District in developing and implementing emergency plans required by Section 37.108 to ensure the plans reflect specific campus, facility, or support services’ needs;

● Provide the District with any campus, facility, or support services information required in connection with a safety and security audit required by Section 37.108 (b), a safety and security audit report required by Section 37.108 (c) or another report required to be submitted by the district to the Texas School Safety Center; and

● Review each report required to be submitted by the district to the Texas School Safety Center in accordance with criteria established by the Center.

Additionally, the District Safety and Security Committee will:

● Respond to safety-related reports, incidents, and suggestions;

● Conduct periodic campus safety inspections and review inspection results/reports;

● Review incident reports to determine trends and causes;

● Develop and submit suggestions to administration for preparedness for, the prevention of, response to and recovery from future emergencies, events and incidents;

● Provide a point of contact for employees and stakeholders to communicate safety and security questions and concerns;

● Provide a forum for safety and security information exchange;

● Develop and promote a safe and secure learning environment.

The Safety and Security Committee is strictly advisory in nature and does not have any regulatory enforcement powers. Enforcement of safety and security rules and policies is the responsibility of designated District/Campus Administrators.

The Safety and Security Committee will be made up of, but not limited to, representatives of each of the following areas/departments: Finance, Technology, Facility Services, Transportation, and Campus Administrators. The committee will consist of a minimum of (7) seven members, and the number of administration representatives on the committee will not exceed the number of other employee representatives.

Committee members will serve for a continuous term of at least (1) one year. Membership terms will be staggered to ensure that an experienced member is always serving on the committee.

The Safety and Security Committee will meet at least once per semester, and include in its duties the conducting of a campus safety and security inspection at least once per semester. A designated committee member will keep minutes for all meetings, which will be maintained in accordance with District records management policies and procedures.

Results and recommendations of each Safety and Security Committee Meeting will be communicated to Elysian Fields ISD Administration and campus principals following each meeting.


July 20, 2023

Chief Operations Officer