LogoElysian Fields ISD seeks to provide open and transparent communications with all stakeholders through various means, including opportunities with local media, social media, district website and other outlets. It is our goal to promote community awareness of the district, address issues, encourage participation and increase community involvement.

EFISD does not address individual questions or concerns in a public forum, however. We request and encourage that you contact your child’s teacher, campus administration or district administration in the event you have questions or concerns of a personal nature concerning your student or the district’s policies and procedures.

Should you have a question regarding a personal issue, district contact information is provided below:

Elysian Fields ISD Administration – (903) 633-2420
Elysian Fields High School – (903) 633-2455
Elysian Fields Middle School – (903) 633-2326
Elysian Fields Elementary School – (903) 633-2465

Elysian Fields ISD will share news and information regarding recognition of district student, staff and campus accomplishment; public and media relations; crisis communications; and marketing through the outlets below.

Per requirements of the Texas Public Information Act, all requests for public information from Elysian Fields ISD must be submitted in writing. Please send any request for public information from Elysian Fields ISD to Mrs. Darby Lawless via email at [email protected]. EFISD maintains a Public Information with many relevant documents and reports here. To learn more information regarding the Texas Public Information Act, click here.

The Elysian ISD website,, is full of information regarding EFISD, its schools, its programs and more. Write Team Services, a communications consultant with the district, in consultation with district and campus administration and the EFISD Technology Department, maintains and updates information on the district website.

EFISD maintains a social media presence on Facebook. This account is for informational purposes only as EFISD shares news regarding district decisions, policies, campuses, students and groups/organizations. EFISD does not answer specific questions or comments regarding any post on Facebook. Questions that arise from district posts on social media should be directed to the appropriate district campus, department or administrator through e-mail, telephone or private meeting. The district's official social media policy is posted on every official district Facebook page. Users should be aware that posts or comments deemed to be threatening, abusive or overly critical of district policy, personnel or administration will be removed from the page and the user faces being banned from future posting on the district or campus page.

EFISD regularly sends news releases about district programs, events, honors and awards to local and regional news outlets. District central administration also handles all media-related calls or inquiries concerning the district and its campuses. All media inquiries should be directed to Monica Simmons, Superintendent of Schools, at [email protected] or via phone at (903) 633-2420.

Elysian Fields ISD utilizes the services of to stay in touch with our community of parents and students. To receive instant message communications from EFISD please subscribe to at least one of our campus feeds.

To subscribe to a Remind message feed by text do the following:

1. Make a note of the campus code for the campus you wish to subscribe to:

The EF High School code is: @elysianfie
The EF Middle School code is: @229ck9
The EF Elementary School code is: @elysianfi
The EF Transportation Department code is:  @cd4e7c8

2. Text message the code to the Remind number 81010. For example, if you wanted to join a class with the class code @class1, you would text @class1 to 81010.

If you're new to services see this video for a quick reference on how to's easy! New Remind User Video

It is not necessary to have the Remind app on your smart phone to receive messages but if you choose you can install the Remind app. To get mobile app notifications download the app for iOS and/or Android devices and create a new account (or log in if you already have one.) To join a class, tap the + by Classes Joined and either join with your class code or search for your class. You'll automatically get app notifications.

To receive messages via Email instead of text or the app:

If you wish to to receive email notification simply visit and enter the class or school code and your email address,


Send a blank email to [email protected]. (If the class code were @agkp12, for example, you'd send a blank email to [email protected].) You'll get a response with more instructions.


Elysian Fields ISD partners with Write Team Services to provide communications services to our stakeholders. Write Team Services works with local school districts, particularly small, rural districts, to provide professional school communications and public relations services to the communities they serve. For more information on Write Team Services, visit their website at