Information Technology

LogoThe EFISD Information Technology (I.T.) Department is dedicated to supporting the school district with educational, student centered technologies intended to motivate and inspire learning. In an effort to help produce competitive student graduates, the EF  I.T. Department supports teachers and students by providing user technology that is relevant in today’s working world and educational institutions.

The EFISD I.T. Department strives to provide cost effective and innovative technology for the district. We have implemented Chromebooks at a 1:1 ratio and also provide and support Windows PC Learning labs and more! The I.T.  Department endeavors to provide engaging technology for our teachers and students. Students have opportunities to participate in BIMS courses, web design, programming classes and more. Teachers have access to Google Classroom for cloud based classroom instruction. Teachers also have access to interactive professional development through online courses and content. The EFISD I.T. Department works to create an environment where information technology supports the needs of modern day students and helps them to build a technology foundation that should carry them into adulthood in an ever more technology dependent workplace.

The EFISD I.T. Department manages our district-wide 10 gigabyte fiber optic network that inter-connects more than 1600 Internet connected devices. The EFISD I.T Department supports both wired and wireless devices such as, desktop PCs, laptops, Chromebooks, projectors, televisions, tablets, etc. These devices are utilized to allow our students access to a wide array of information and learning opportunities. Our entire district has both wired and wireless access and teachers have access to a variety of projectors, interactive displays or Chromecast connected televisions. Telephone connectivity is handled via a modern VOIP system and cloud based district email is provided to all staff and student users.