Literary Criticism


TEAM - 1st Place

• Raine Smith - 1st Place
• Mackenzie Simms - 2nd Place
• Grace Roquemore - 3rd Place
• Mackinsay Chauncey - 4th Place

*The UIL Literary Criticism Contest is a ninety-minute contest in which the competitor's familiarity with the concepts associated with literary analysis and the authors and works that represent English-language literary history is assessed.

Three sets of items comprise the scored part of the test; a required tie-breaking essay that invites the competitor to exercise his or her skill in literary analysis completes the test.

Part 1: Knowledge of Literary Terms and Literary History (30 one-point items)
Part 2: The UIL Reading List - differs year to year (20 two-point items)
Part 3: Ability in Literary Criticism (15 two-point items)
Part 4: The Tiebreaking Prompt