We are the Champions!

Congratulations to EF! 2019 15-3AAA UIL District Champions!
Posted on 03/29/2019
2019 Champions!


By: K. Marcantel 

                The mathematicians multiply number after number as the beads of sweat drip down their forehead. The writers type away to create their best story in the proper format as the tension rises. The scientists rush to solve the formulas as the clock ticks down the minutes. The pressure is on for U.I.L. Every minute of pressure comes down to one awesome moment: the announcement of Elysian Fields High School as the District 15-AAA UIL Champions. 

The University Interscholastic League district competition was held on Wednesday, March 27 and Thursday, March 28. There were 22 events held at U.I.L.: accounting, calculator, mathematics, number sense, computer applications, computer science, science, social studies, current issues, literary criticism, spelling and vocabulary, poetry, prose, informative speaking, persuasive speaking, Lincoln Douglas debate, copy-editing, editorial writing, feature writing, headline writing, news writing, and ready writing. There were a total of 49 Yellow Jackets in attendance at the 2019 U.I.L. district meet, and they practiced and worked hard nearly every day for this long awaited event. In the end, the hard work paid off with many teams and the school as a whole placing first and a slew of individual awards and regional qualifiers.

 “We got first place in the district overall, and we expect to stay there for many years,” principal Jack Parker said. 

Three Elysian Fields students competed in each event except for accounting calculator applications, computer science, current issues, literary criticism, mathematics, number sense, social studies, and spelling and vocabulary, where four students competed in each. Six students competed in science. This makes U.I.L. a great opportunity for students to branch out and test their academic skills.

 “I competed in ready writing,” junior Beau Creech said. “I got first place overall. It was a very fun experience. I always enjoy going to U.I.L. meets.” 

This was the first year for many to attend a U.I.L. academic meet. Beginner’s luck struck for many as even two freshmen earned a spot as alternates for the journalism team alone. The journalism team was one of several that won as a first place team. The literary criticism, computer applications, social studies, science, and spelling teams placed first overall as well. One student to thank for the success of the journalism team is freshman Kamryn Trost. 

“This was my first year going,” Kamryn said. “I did good. It wasn’t as hard as I expected.” 

Elysian Fields has worked hard for years to be U.I.L. academic champions, and it seems 2019 was our year. 24 students will be attending the regional meet held April 13. Congratulations to every attendee of the district meet and good luck to those continuing their academic journey by heading to regionals.