A Community-Driven Plan

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EFISD Bond 2024: A Long Range Plan Developed By Our Community
The 2024 Elysian Fields ISD bond proposal is the product of a detailed, community-driven, long-range facility plan developed by a committee of EFISD stakeholders who met in a series of meetings from July 2023 - September 2023. [LEARN MORE]

The committee was composed of representatives with various perspectives, including parents, grandparents, business leaders, students, civic leaders, volunteers, retirees, educators, and EFSD alumni.

The charge to the committee from the EFSD Board of Trustees was to develop a recommendation that include:

 • A review of the Educational Facility Assessment, Financial Assessment, Educational Program, and Demographic Data;
 • Prioritizing projects into a Long-Range Facility Plan to be recommended for adoption by the Board; and
 • Making a recommendation of financial options for the District to pursue to fund the plan.

The committee spent their time reviewing and analyzing the aspects, histories, and projections of Elysian Fields ISD’s district finances, educational programs, and thorough discussions of both the immediate and long-term needs of the district. During the process, all committee members were presented with an opportunity to express their opinions, suggestions, and recommendations.

As a result of this process, the committee formed a recommendation for a Long Range Facility Plan for Elysian Fields ISD and presented it to the EFISD Board of Trustees in October of 2023. The trustees took this recommendation and have developed a bond proposal to present to EFISD voters in May of 2024.