Welcome to Elysian Fields Independent School District! We are located in the community of Elysian Fields, Texas, nestled in the piney woods of Harrison County. We are located approximately 15 miles south of Marshall, Texas, and approximately 35 miles west of Shreveport, La. We are a small, rural Class 3A district in Texas, with a total of 897 students enrolled as of the 2019-2020 school year.

Elysian Fields, Texas, is located at the junction of Farm Roads 31 and 451, a mile north of the Panola county line in Harrison County. Popular tradition holds that the name of the town originated in a dinner conversation in New Orleans in 1817, in which Capt. Edward Smith, having lately ridden through what was then Big Spring Caddo Village (also erroneously known as Biff Springs), so vividly described the beauty of the area that one of his guests likened it to the Elysian Fields of Greek mythology. Smith returned to the region with his family in 1837 and established one of the first general stores in the area. A mail route was established by the Texas Congress in February 1840 by which time the new community was called Elysian Fields; a post office subsequently opened. The Golden Rule Presbyterian Church was organized on January 15, 1851, and was followed by the Bethel Methodist Church five miles from town, for more than fifty years the site of an annual camp meeting.

Elysian Fields attained a population of 60 in 1884, and grew to 160 by 1896; that year the town had three churches and daily mail service at postmaster J. M. Furrh's general store. Cotton and lumber formed the economic base of the community. In 1910 the town was moved a mile west to take advantage of a newly-laid stretch of the Marshall and East Texas Railway. The old site became known as Old Elysian Fields. Elysian Fields prospered for a time, growing to a population of 500 by 1929. The community reported fifteen businesses in 1931. Oil and gas became important to the town's economy in the 1950s, but later on residents came to rely mainly on cattle-raising and farming. In 1990 Elysian Fields had 300 residents, a bank, and at least three other businesses. The population remained unchanged in 2000 but had increased back to 500 in 2010. (Source: Texas State Historical Association)

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The Elysian Fields Independent School District consists of three campuses -- Elysian Fields Elementary, Elysian Fields Middle School and Elysian Fields High School. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the state waived accountability ratings for all schools for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years. The district received a state accountability rating of B for the previous school year in 2018-2019.