EFHS Exemption Policy


Elysian Fields High School will use an exemption policy for mid-term and final exams. The exemptions will be based on grades, tardies, absences and discipline. Every student will have the opportunity to be exempt from tests at mid-term and finals, provided they meet the criteria for exemption.

The rationale for the exemption policy relates to a positive incentive for good grades and good attendance.

To be exempt from the exams on each day, the following criteria must be met:

90-100 average 3 or less absences

80-89   average 2 or less absences

70-79   average 1 absence

Tardies are cumulative for the semester, meaning combined total.  Absences are per class.  If a student has been tardy more than three times to any classes they have to take all of their semester exams.

Students who have been assigned to S.A.C. or D.A.E.P. at any time during the semester will not be able to meet the exemption policy for semester exams.

Medical absences do not count against exemptions if the student is at school part of the school day.

Students in extra-curricular activities should check with coach or sponsor before leaving.

Students who meet the exemption criteria may choose to take the exams to improve their grade. Grades will not drop if you do poorly on the exam.