Bullying, Cyberbullying, Harassment Form

At Elysian Fields Middle School, our ultimate goal is to always resolve conflict and anything related to possible bullying, cyberbullying, and/or harassment in a manner that can lead to student growth, responsibility, and overall improvement as a student and person.  Many times, but not always, this works best when you are able to do it in person.  We do realize there are times when the use of anonymity can be beneficial.  If you feel that is the case, feel free to utilize either of the below options.  It is not necessary to put any contact information, but we will only be able to thoroughly look into any reported situations if there are efficient enough details to know where to start the process.  If you do choose to put your contact information, it will be kept confidential.  This form is also available to be picked up at the middle school front office if necessary.  

Bullying, Cyberbullying, Harassment Google Form
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Bullying Form (click here)

Printable PDF version that can be mailed to school or dropped off.